Crystal sports awards

If you are interested in unique, personalized crystal trophies, you are in the right place. Maybe you need to get sports trophies to award winners at school competition. Or maybe you are a sports club manager and you organize a meeting and have to find personalized awards for winners. Perhaps you have to find medals for coming games. All these products you can find in our offer.

Crystal wedding and thank-you gifts with Crystals 3D

Last week we took part in Wedding Exhibition in Wrocław (Poland). Lots of newlyweds-to-be asked us many questions: what about thank-you gifts for parents, what about ideas for a wedding picture and ideas for wedding gifts, as such. Just to meet your expectations we decided to garner all information in one place and write kind of an article, where zou can get familiar with new trends and fancy wedding gifts.

Personalized promotional gadgets from Crystals 3D

Apart from project for individual clients, Crystals 3D offers many options for personalised business gadgets, personalised crystal awards or other marketing products in crystal.

Crystals 3D – 3d models engraved in crystal

Apart from unlimited 2d design ideas, Crystals 3D offers 3d models engraved in crystal. They can be used as crystal trophies, sports trophies (sport meetings, events) or as 3d engraved statuettes (conferences, festivals, concerts or as decoration). We custom all projects, what means each crystal will be engraved according to you expectations and based on provided graphic materials.

Crystals 3d from Crystals 3D

Crystals 3D was inspired by passion for beauty. By chance, in one summer resort in Europe, walking along the promenade we saw a booth with 3d engraved crystals. We did not know such technology, but we were told it was laser engraved optical art glass. We took, with a special 3d camera, a 3d picture of the whole family.
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