Crystal heart (sloping) 100*100*30 (3.9 *3.9*1.2")

A lovely crystal heart with personalised project, a special crystal gift for her or for him.

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A gorge crystal heart (10*10*3 cm = 3.9 *3.9*1.2"), with personalised project: your own picture and a 3D ornament.

Thanks to its thickness the project can be a combination or different graphics elements:
- 2D picture (you can attach it whille placing your order),
- 3D photo shape (a 3D picture converted from a 2D picture - we charge extra for this service (its cost depends on the number of people or objects to be converted and whole work complexity - we price your project when you send us your picture)),
- personalised inscription for mom, dad, wife, husband or fiancee,
- a chosen 3D model, as a nice ornament - it can be for example a beautiful 3D rose or other 3D flowers, or some other model 3D ornament (3D models we have in our internal project library are available for free for your project, however, if you wish to have some other model, we will price it separately).

Such a personalised 3D engraved heart can be:
- an anniversary gift for a wife or a husband,
- a birthday gift for someone special,
- a personalised gift for mum,
- a unique Valentine's gift for a girlfriend or a boyfriend,
- a spesh Christmas gift,
- a crystal gift from Santa,
- a wedding personalised gift.

During placing your opder, please, attach your picture (you can also mark if you want to have a 2D or 3D picture (for 3D we will inform you about conversion price, but we will not convert it to 3D format before you accept the price and pay for it). Also send us your text and inform us what kind of 3D model you wish to have engraved, if any.

This exceptional crystal will be packed in a fancy box.

Dimensions [mm] 100*100*40
Box gift box
Engraving [2D/3D] 2D & 3D
Weight [kg] 1,2

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