Crystal cube 50*50*50 (2*2*2")

A crystal cube, on a cut base, a great idea for a business gift or a gadget.

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A crystal trophy, cube shaped, with one cut point - to be its base. Dimensions: 5*5*5 cm = 2*2*2".

Due to its spatial shape, it is cut out for spacial models, such as:
- a 3D engine
- a 3D oval or rounded model or shape,
- a 3D animal,
- a 3D character and figure,
- other 3D business shapes.

Any 3D model or shape available in our internal 3D models library can be added to your project for free. Ask us (by e-mail) for availability of your prefered model. Should we do not have such a model, we will price it for you.

This shape is particularly  dedicated for business, thus will be excellent as:
- a crystal business trophy,
- a crystal sport trophy,
- an award for the best employees,
- a souvenir form a conference, a trade show or a symposium,
- a corporate gala thophy,
- music or movie gala crystal award.

We suggest to use its shape assts for a 3D model, however, it can be accompanied by a short text or logo.

This crystal will be packed in a fancy box.

Dimensions [mm] 60*60*60
Box leather-like
Engraving [2D/3D] 2D/3D
Weight [kg] 0,6

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