Crystal cube 50*50*80 (2*2*3.15") - 3D picture

Beautiful crystal cube with a 3D picture and personalized text, ideal as a gift for a child, mother or grandmother.

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A classic crystal cube (5*5*8 cm = 2*2*3.15") with personalized project - your 3D picture, laser engraved.

This project can be a combination of:
- a 3D picture of a child or an adult (torso),
- a short text,
- a 3D ornament - chosen from our 3D models library (you can ask about their availibility by e-mail).

A 3D picture - will be converted to 3D format from sent 2D picture. The picture quality should be good enough to see face details. It can be e.g. your ID picture or any other good quality picture with nicely seen face. We will crop it.

Text - up to 3 words (a name and/or a date), unless you do not want any 3D ornament, then it can be a bit longer (up to 5 words).

LED base is not included in the price, however, for better illumination (after dark) we recommend to order also a small LED base (available in LED bases section).

In this price we offer 2D to 3D picture conversion of 1 person only. If you want to have 2 or more people converted to 3D format, we recommend to consider a bigger crystal.

This beautiful crystal with a 3D picture engraved in it is a great idea as:
- a gift for a child for Chldren's Day, especially from a godparent or from an aunt,
- a special gift for mom, from a child,
- a 3D gift for a spouse,
- a 3D gift for grandparents - with a grandchild 3D picture,
- a Christmas 3D gift.

The picture can be attached while ordering the crystal or sent later by e-mail.

The crystal will be packed in a chic box.

Dimensions [mm] 50*50*80
Box leather-like
Engraving [2D/3D] 3D
Weight [kg] 0,7

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