Crystal candle holder 60*60*80 (2.4*2.4*3.1") - with a 3D rose

A lovely crystal candle holder with personalized project, a gift for an important woman.

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A beautiful crystal candle holder (6*6*8 cm = 2.4*2.4*3.1"), with personalised 3D project - 3D flowers and inscription that you wish.

This gorge crystal holder fits well for 3D projects, thanks to its spacial dimention.

It can be designed for many occasions, such as:
- a unique birthday gift for wife, mum or girlfriend,
- a personalised crystal anniversary gift,
- a for grandmother or grandfather in crystal,
- it will be also useful as a crystal wedding gift for newlyweds, or from newlyweds for  parents or witnesses.

It is ideal for different elements combination:
- a 3D picture (converted from a 2D picture) or just a 2D picture,
- a short text.

To make the project even nicer, it is recommended to add:
- a 3D heart,
- a 3D flower, e.g. a 3D rose,
- a 3D instrument (e.g. a 3D cello, a 3D drum, piano or violin).

You may also ask (by e-mail) for other free 3D models to be engraved).

Each candleholder will be packed in a nice gift box.

Dimensions [mm] 60*60*80
Box leather-like
Engraving [2D/3D] 2D/3D
Weight [kg] 0,9

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